Physiotherapy and Alternative Training Courses

If you want to serve and help people as a professional, physiotherapy is one of the best choices. You may treat, heal and rehabilitate people from pain and suffering from many diseases. On the other side due to highly demand of skilled therapist you may build a bright carrier and earn handsome amount.

Scope of a physiotherapist is service, professional practice, freelance, teaching and assists as a therapist.

Our physiotherapy course is well designed with theory and practical, for better understanding and skill developing. Our physiotherapy training practical class rooms are well equipped. Our teachers are very helpful, supportive and caring of students. Not only that our institute gives job assistant and work opportunity for our students.

Minimum qualification: 10+

Course contain:   Anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, electrotherapy, heat & cold therapy, exercise therapy and other alternative therapy ( theory & practical).

BSS Courses :

 These courses are design and affiliated by BSS (GOV of IND).

  • BSS Diploma in Physiotherapy & Activity Therapy (1year)
  • BSS Diploma in Physiotherapy & Activity Therapy (2years)